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Useful tip:

Don't have a printer repaired that cost you less than around R700, unless you have spare cartridges

Many people mistakenly believe their printer needs a service or repair because a cartridge is empty.

A straight forward printer service starts at R345 excluding spare parts, so if one adds the minimum price of a new cartridge of about R300, it would probably be best to replace the printer, as a new machine usually comes with a new cartridge (albeit a starter cartridge, with a limited number of prints.)

Collection and delivery (10 Km radius)
Dismantle, wash covers
Rejuvenation of rubbers, rollers, and gears
Rejuvenation of contact points on PC boards
Fault finding
Clearing of blockage in fax/scan/print path
Paper feed test

Test and configuration of:
- paper sensors
- feed & pick-up units
- heater lamp/corona
- scanning, fuser, fax
- imaging units
- print heads/drum,/impact pins
- internal cables
What does a printer service entail?
From R345
(Depending on model)
Excludes spare parts
1) Call us with collection address

2) Quotation provided

If quote agreed, repair is carried out

3) Invoice sent per eMail.

Return in 3 days, pending availability of spares and receipt of payment

We Recycle Your
Laser Printer Cartridges
For Re-use!
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